What is Grafters Gables?

Grafters Gables is a unique combination of street art and storytelling in Hendon, Sunderland. Across seven massive murals and an original novella, Grafters Gables takes you on a tour of Hendon’s history and introduces you to some of the area’s many amazing characters.

Funded by Arts Council England, Sunderland City Council and the Community First Fund, Grafters Gables is all about creating accessible art for the people of Hendon (and beyond).

Where is Grafters Gables?

All seven murals are within walking distance of Villette Road, running right through the heart of Hendon. If you start at Carnegie Community Corner (formerly Hendon Library), you can follow the launch event route in about an hour.
(Note: You should allow time for standing with your jaw on the floor at each mural.)

The Murals

All of the Grafters Gables murals are bring painted by local street artist, Frank Styles. One of the best known street artists in the north east, Frank specialises in massive, photo-realistic murals, which he paints freehand (i.e. without using stencils). You can see other examples of his work in the City Centre, at Panns’ Bank and at the Harbor View in Roker.

We will upload images of Frank’s murals when they are complete. Until then, check out our Facebook page for updates on Frank’s progress.

Check out our Facebook page.

Grafters Gables: The Book

Accompanying the murals is a story that takes in centuries of Hendon’s colourful history, written by local author, James Whitman. Previously, James has written short stories set in Sunderland, featuring the Air Show, unpleasant teenagers and life-size Moomins.

There will be copies of the book available to borrow from the lending library at Carnegie Community Corner. Alternatively, you can download a free PDF of the book by clicking the button below.

Download the Book